1.4 Finally, Progress!

Last time:


Lucille: Holy transparent limbs, Batman!

Chantrelle, in the next room: MAW-MAW YOU NEED TO STOP DOING THIS

So that happened. Luce relocates to the kitchen in the hopes that the stove will scare off the unsettling flame ghost totally scientific hallucination.


Newly aged-up Cornell there seems to have the same idea.

Cornell: If I ignore the crazy lady in the sleeping bag, maybe she’ll go away. Just like Maw-Maw when the sun comes up.

Seriously so many issues in this family oh god


Lucille: Remember how I said if you got a girlfriend I’d cook her in a stew? You should really dump her before I go through with that.

Cal: Aww, Lucille, honey, I’m really touched that you feel so strongly about me, but Hailey and I are deeply committed to one another. I could never betray the sacred oath of monogamous dating by leaving her for another woman.


Lucille: Oh really, because I definitely saw her making out with my boss the other day.

Cal: lol i’m done with that cheating ho

Luce really did gossip with Cal about how Hailey and Kenji were kissing. I choose to interpret it as her transparent attempt to drive a wedge between them.


Transparent or no, it evidently worked, since Cal finally started responding to Luce’s advances again and even agreed to break up with Hailey to start going out with Luce. Not wanting to push my luck, rather than proposing I had her just ask him to move in.

Cal: Sure honey, so long as my entire family comes!

Luce: The voice in my head was counting on it!


And so the entire Riffin family moves in! They bring a measly $5,000 with them, but that’s still more money than Lucille has seen in her entire Sim-life, so we’re not ones to judge.

Oh my god we need to build a whole legacy house with only $6,000 in the bank what was I thinking

Luce: This is a disaster, the readers are going to hate it!

lol what readers

The ‘legacy house’ ends up built with an emphasis on simply being a thing that exists rather than any sort of prettiness.

From bottom left going clockwise, we have: the bathroom, Cornell and Chantrelle’s room, Cal and Luce’s room, and finally the general living room.

There’s no wallpaper or windows, and every room is lit by that ugly “bare bulb” light, but we have beds, plumbing, and an easel for Chantrelle. Oh, and a table for Cal to write at, because did I forget to mention(yes, yes I did)-


Cal comes with a mastered writing skill!

God I love this family.

Speaking of this family, let’s have a round of introductions!

Calvin Riffin is a Good, Cowardly, Family-Oriented Natural Cook, with a Good Sense of Humor. His Lifetime Wish is to be Surrounded by Family by raising 5 children.(ugh. I hate Sims babies, but I kind of want to just roll with the LTWs spouses give me, unless it’s already been compleetd by someone else, so Surrounded by Spawn it is.)

His younger teen brother, Cornell Riffin, is an Excitable, Daredevil Virtuoso, who shares his big bro’s Family-Oriented trait. His Lifetime Wish is to be ejected from Earth’s atmosphere as an Astronaut, but he’s more likely to be ejected from this family when I need more room, as he’s not eligible to earn me any points and he has no skills to speak of.

The youngest Riffin and only girl, Chantrelle, is a Clumsy, Technophobic Bookworm, who…



Who’s having her birthday the night she moves in, apparently!

Chantrelle: Yay, I finally moved in with the crazy scientist lady and away from my crazy dead ghost mom, whoooooooo!


Chantrelle: Oh, please, enough with the cheering. None of you even knew it was my birthday until I started sparkling.

She was only earning a C in school, so I didn’t get the option to choose her trait, but she got assigned Good by the game. Again, a trait shared with the eldest Riffin child. Huh. I’ve never noticed any genetic trends with traits before, but I guess that may be an actual thing.

And, finally, Ditz Riffin, the family dog! I kept forgetting to post pics of her before, so here’s a quick spam:




So yeah, she’s been around, I just couldn’t find a way to bring her up. She’s a bit of a special case; she’s Hyper, Playful, and Loyal, but also Skittish and Clueless.

So, to recap: We now have one(1) slowly growing legacy garden, one(1) ugly-ass legacy house, one(1) legacy mate who has yet to be a legacy spouse, zero(0) buns in the oven, two(2) non-point eligible teens living in our house, and one(1) basketcase dog.

See you tomorrow!


1.3 Starts, Stops, and Specters

Bitchy weather and slow start aside, I’m still determined to get this show on the road. A budding garden and career are all well and good, but Luce needs a mate. More importantly, I need her future mate’s painting machine of a little sister.


Chantrelle: Please, take me away from here. Maw-Maw’s ghost keeps wandering through my bedroom wall.

Lucille: Haha ghosts aren’t scientific.

But she’s not here to chat with emotionally traumatized children, she’s here to bag herself a man! She of course takes to this with her utmost charm and tact.


Lucille: I will totally hit you with a frying pan if you date someone else.

Well then. Luckily he seems into it.


Cal: Aww babe, over-possessive behavior is so cute!

Lucille: It pleases me that you approve! But seriously don’t date someone unless you want her to end up as a murder statistic.

Apparently Cal is into aggressive and potentially dangerous partners? Betcha he’s a kinky bastard in bed.

the first kiss

It is kind of concerning that she’s talking about heartbreak while they’re having their first kiss, but then again, she is insane, so paranoia is par for the course.

Lucille: It’s not paranoia when you’re RIGHT!

Yeah. The morning after Cal and Luce have their first kiss and become romantic interests, I get a pop-up about Cal and Alouette Bird “commenting on each other’s mad kissing skills.” Wow buddy, way to treat a girl right! While Lucille is at work I get another notification, this time about Calvin and Hailey Shepard. By the end of the day the two are dating. Lord give me strength.

Ahem! A minor setback! Not to worry! After she finishes work I send her back over to Cal’s to seduce him away from a perfectly nice girl convince him that Luce is The One.


This might’ve worked better if she weren’t singed from a lab accident and also starving.

Cal: Look, I appreciate the effort, I guess? But I’m looking for someone who wants to settle down and start a family, not blow up the house with crazy chemicals.

(Considering the whole mac ‘n cheese/fire hazard situation from the last chapter, this is incredibly hypocritical of him, but WHATEVER)

At any rate, although her romantic advances are consistently spurned all night, Luce manages to get his begrudging permission to stay the night so she can wash up and get rid of that ‘singed’ moodlet. At this point I was gonna send her to snooze in the spare bedroom with the Riffin parents’ urns, only to discover that apparently the room is locked??? WTF Cal?

Seriously it’s like a weird shrine in here! Cal must have so many issues.

I let Luce camp out in the hallway with her sleeping bag because I don’t feel like heading back to her depressingly empty lot, but no sooner have I told her to go to sleep…


…than this happens.

Clarissa Riffin: Betcha thought the first ghost sighting would be a legacy member, bitches.

Updates will probably be on a daily basis until I get caught up to where I’ve played, which is…quite a bit ahead! I hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read so far, please leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

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1.2 Stunted Growth


The same day she first arrives in town, I send Lucille down the road to meet some neighbors. Specifically, Calvin Riffin.

Cal: Welcome to my house complete stranger!

Cal is an interesting guy. He lives with two kids, but they aren’t actually his children. They’re his much younger siblings. Mama and Papa Riffin start off the game as urns in the Riffin spare bedroom.


Now, I like to plan ahead for my legacy games, which is why I scoped out the Riffin family before I even started playing. They’re pretty average, no super-interesting traits or secret thousands hiding away in their household funds – but I’m picking Cal as my legacy spouse solely because of his little sister, Chantrelle.

Because this little sweetheart has a maxed out painting skill. $$$$$$$$$

Unfortunately for my plans of masterpiece portraits and getting rich early off of dozens of top-notch paintings, Cal seems to have other ideas.


Cal what are you doing??? That’s Kim Marshall, she’s a happily married woman, do not become the first homewrecker of the legacy!

Mini Cowboy: Boo, you whore!

That’s actually Cornell, the middle Riffin child. He and his sister both share my disapproval for Kim autonomously stepping out on her husband Felipe.

Chantrelle: Can you please just move us in already so we can build you a nice starter home and my brother can stop making out with random chicks?


Calvin: Oh my god, I’m family-oriented! Marriage should be sacred to me! This is so out of character!!!

Yeah, tell me about, it bud.


Cal is so busy freaking out over his OOC moment that he leaves some mac n cheese to burn on the stove, so I send Luce over to rescue it before it starts a fire. Of course, this gives me a pop-up accusing her of being an “inappropriate guest.”



Lucille: Wow, so far you suck in every conceivable way! You’re lucky the voice in my head keeps trying to convince me your weird wispy mustache is sexy!

It’s…endearing? At any rate, Luce rolls the want to ask his sign, so I let them chat for a bit and then go for it.


Yay first romantic interaction.

At this point it’s like 1am so she heads home to konk out in her sleeping bag.

Aaaaand she’s wearing her swimsuit.
Or as I like to call it, her scale suit.

The lot is looking pretty sparse right now, just her garden and a fridge. I’m trying to save simoleons for when the Riffins move in, because. Well. There are three of them. The problem with that, though, is that outdoor living gets 1000000 times harder when you’re working with seasons. Lucille spends most of her first week either tanned, sunburned, or on the verge of overheating. My eventual solution to this was to just make her garden at night…


…shower at the gym…


…and then sleep there until she needed to go to work. Hey, it worked out! Much like Rodney Singleton there in the background. It’s 3am dude, go home.

Before I go;


Uhhh. Thanks for reading see you next time!

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1.1 New Roots


Meet Lucille Oddity! As you may be able to tell, she’s a bit of an odd duck. One day she just showed up on this random patch of land in Appaloosa Plains, with no mention of where she came from or what she planned on doing.

As it so happened, her plans were to become a Creature-Robot Crossbreeder, because of course anyone with that hair wants to be a mad scientist.

Her traits are Loves the Outdoors, Ambitious, Gatherer, Hot-Headed, and Insane.


Lucille: Blargle flergle worp.

When I say mad scientist, I mean mad scientist.

Luce starts the legacy off right by immediately autonomously talking to herself and making faces at the camera, then gets yanked out of her amusing hallucinations to go sign up for the Science career.


Unfortunately, she has zero credentials or identification, and so she gets turned away as soon as she’s through the door She may be a madwoman with a sketchy past, but in the forward thinking world of the sims, anyone can become whatever they dream to be! A decent fellow named Kenji Midden generously offers her a position as a Test Subject. It’s totally because he’s a nice guy and not at all because he wants to stick her full of needles to find out if her hair color is natural. Totally.


Regardless of her new boss’s morally dubious hiring practices, she heads down to the local library to pick up some mad skillz. While there, she also learns that the residents of Appaloosa Plains, similarly to the residents of most towns in Simtopia, have a pretty lax concept of childcare.


Pictured: A+ parenting

Little Dakota Fox there is gonna have sooo many issues when he grows up.


Once Lucille gets her first point in the gardening skill and an assortment of beginner-appropriate seeds warp into her pockets, she heads back home to start our legacy garden! This provides us with our first of many pictures of a woman both a) gardening in heels and b) clipping through her skirt.

Welcome to the legacy everyone!

One last note before I go:


I completely ignored the mascot when she stopped by – because there’s no way Luce can afford college and in any case I have better things to do, but. You see that University kit on the ground? Get used to it, because I’ve played quite a bit ahead and I keep forgetting to move the damn thing.

If you somehow manage to stumble across this blog, please leave a comment to let me know what you think! Toodles!

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